Personal Background

        I am an avid Hawkeye Fan who enjoys collecting Hawkeye Memorabilia, especially Nile Kinnick items, Iowa Autographs, and  other Vintage Iowa Football items.  This hobby has not only allowed me to gain a vast knowledge of the history of Iowa Hawkeye Football, but great RESPECT for the former athletes and coaches who have made the Hawkeye Tradition what it is today.  It has also allowed me to network with a select group of great Hawkeye collectors who, like me, appreciate how these collectibles help us identify with certain periods in Hawkeye History.  Without them, my collection wouldn't be what it is today.  And... without an understanding and supportive wife, this would not be possible. I thank her for that!  
        Now... a little information about how I started collecting.  I have always been a huge Iowa Fan, but never started collecting until I bought a 1986 Iowa Football autographed by all the Iowa Coaches and players.   This was my first major purchase and I was on cloud 9 after putting my hands on it.  I knew it was a very unique and rare item.  Since then, my passion has grown stronger and I love that overjoyed feeling when I find a Rare item and add it to my collection. 
          I started collecting Nile Kinnick items a fifteen years ago, just before me and my wife had our son and named him Nile.  The thought behind much of it was someday I hope to pass it on to him.  Now our family has grown and I have a second son, so I hope they can learn to share. :)  My ultimate goal was to purchase a Nile Kinnick autograph, which is one of the most sought after and high priced autographs on the market today.  I reached that goal very early in my collecting process and it just moved from there.  Hopefully my sons can carry on the knowledge and passion for these items that I have. 
        The idea for this site is to share with you these great pieces of Hawkeye History. I haven't seen a site out there like this, and thought it would be a neat experience.  Please see my feedback page and give me any comments or suggestions regarding this site.   I also purchase Nile Kinnick and vintage Hawkeye Memorabilia if you are interested in selling it.   I am also always looking to better my if you can help or give me ideas...great!   
I hope you enjoy this site!

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