Jersey Collection

I have recently started collecting rare Iowa Football Jerseys and wanted to share my collection with you. This passion started by networking with other Jersey collectors and it has been fun acquiring some great jerseys!

Below is my collection of Iowa Rose Bowl Jerseys. I have never seen another Iowa jersey collector that has been able to obtain not only 1, but 5 of the 6 jerseys from the Iowa Rose Bowl seasons. These are extremely hard to find as most players don't ever let them go. Very honored to own them!

1957 Rose Bowl Jersey

1982 Iowa Rose Bowl Jersey

Still Dirt on Jersey from Rose Bowl

Authentic 1957 Iowa Football Rose Bowl Jersey. Made by King O'Shea. This jersey still has the dirt from the Rose Bowl field on it.  Back then, they did not embroider a rose or put a patch on like they do today.

Rose Printed on Jersey Shoulder

Authentic 1982 Iowa Football Rose Bowl Jersey. Very Cool and Rare! Made by Champion. I love the large holes in the number portion of the jersey.

1986 Iowa Rose Bowl Jersey

Roses Embroidered on Jersey Shoulder

Authentic 1986 Iowa Football Rose Bowl Jersey. Made by Champion. The detail in the 2 Roses embroidered on the shoulders is just amazing.

1991 Iowa Rose Bowl Jersey

Rose Embroidered on Jersey Shoulder

Authentic 1991 Iowa Football Rose Bowl Jersey. Made by Champion. The detail in the Rose embroidered on the shoulders is amazing like the 86 above. Very Cool and Rare!

2016 Iowa Rose Bowl Jersey

Rose Bowl Patch Sewn on

Authentic 2016 Iowa Football Rose Bowl Jersey. Made by Nike. This jersey has a Rose Bowl Patch sewn on.

Below is the full collection on display. 



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